Essential Skinbase Facial 

During this 30 minute Facial thousands of tiny crystals are used to polish away the very outermost layer of skin. Using a combination of exfoliation and vacuum action, pores are unblocked and impurities removed from the skin to reveal a healthy, fresh and radiant complexion.


The Skinbase Deluxe Facial includes a deep exfoliating microdermabrasion treatment that will leave skin super smooth, clean and refreshed; perfectly prepped for applying one of our hydrating masks. While the mask works its magic, you can drift away to Nirvana in our cosy, candle-lit beauty room listening to soothing music and inhaling our relaxing aromatherapy oils.


Similar to our essentials facial but with particular attention paid to problem areas. Ideal as a second treatment to really concentrate on areas of congestion around the t-zone, fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes. Course of treatment may be more appropriate; so make sure to ask about those. Courses can be specifically tailored to your needs to achieve the best results possible.


After a course of treatment you will need to maintain the results and keep your skin in tip top condition. Skin renews itself every four weeks so we recommend a monthly maintenance treatment to ensure the old skin is exfoliated to maintain a glowing complexion. Microdermabrasion also helps the absorption of skincare products into the skin, so your at home skincare routine is more effective. MD also enhances the barrier function of your skin helping to lock in moisture.


Microdermabrasion is an extremely effective treatment for acne. We recommend a course of 6-20 facials depending on the severity of acne. A full skin consultation will be carried out to recommend a personalised treatment plan. During treatment old skin particles will be abraded away and a vacuum action used to remove the debris. The dual action will both resurface the skin and stimulate blood flow, encouraging skin to rejuvenate itself. New collagen and elastin production will impprove the appearance of any acne scarring and speed up healing.


The Skinbase Facial was designed as a skin pigmentation treatment and therefore can vastly improve the appearance of facial pigmentation and skin blemishes, especially melanoma. Microdermabrasion will gently exfoliate the topmost layer of skin removing the dark skin which has formed. We would generally recommend between 6-8 treatments. The final result and number of treatments required depends on a number of factors. These include the type of lesion, skin type, the degree of sun tan, size and depth of the pigmentation and the location o be treated. Full consultation will be carried out to give you an accurate recommendation, based on your requirements.


Skinbase microdermabrasion is a targeted and effective rejuvenating facial treatment. It works by removing the skin's dead cells and increasing the collagen production of your skin, which decreases with age. MD leaves skin looking fresh and smooth as soon as the treatment is over. With microdermabrasion there is no recovery time and no discomfort, just a noticeable difference to fine lines and wrinkles. A course of 6-8 weekly facials followed by monthly maintenance treatments will help maintain results long term.

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