Nourishing and revitalising.This mask presents various exclusive properties that works wonders for the skin.  


How it works: 

The mask nourishes and revitalises the skin as it induces the incorporation of mineral nutrients because of the 24- carat gold dust that it contains. 

Active minerals 
The magnesium binds to water which improves the permeability of the epidermal barrier. The minerals calcium, which is the modulator of the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes, and sodium together with potassium which regulates water balance in the tissues, helps boost the overall effect of the mask. 




Suitable for all skins types and ages, this mask is also perfect for sensitive, delicate skins. 


How it works: 

An algae-based mask containing nutrients from violets and oats, it has a similar action to Casmara’s congealing masks, with additional nourishment from vegetable extracts derived from violets and oats, well-known for their beneficial effects on delicate skin. 

Oats also provide additional vitamins. 




This mask is specially recommended for application after treatments with exfoliators or peels have taken place. It can be used on all skin types of any age. Including acne prone and delicate skin and provides regenerating, soothing and relaxing properties. 


How it works: 
Carbohydrates in the treatment mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the face while the active ingredients in the organically produced flax (linseed) and aloe contained in the mask combined produce natural cell regeneration, as well as soothing and toning the skin. 



Contains extracts of goji berries and quinoa seeds. The mixture of these components has antioxidant and stimulating effects on the skin and helps to strengthen the natural protective barrier. 

How it works: 
Quinoa supplies the skin with proteins, amino acids and B group vitamins. Goji is characterized by its exclusive polysaccharides essential for a healthy skin condition. The skin appears more rested with renewed strength and youthful appearance. 



This mask is especially recommended for the skin that is losing its elasticity or has started to sag. Its ingredients clarify the skin, while revitalizing and encouraging collagen regeneration. 


How it works: 
Carbohydrates in the treatment mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the face to lift the skin while its main active ingredient kiwi fruit, super rich in vitamin C and trace elements, provides excellent nutrition for the repair of the skin (a single kiwi fruit can contain more vitamin C than 2 oranges). The mask also utilises poppy seeds which add calming and soothing properties. 





Particularly effective when used on unbalanced and oily skins. 

Also effective on open pores and oily skin with breakouts. 


How it works: 

Contains active vegetable charcoal that has the ability to absorb impurities and excess oils from the pores and surface of the skin. 

The algae content ensures that the skin is not dehydrated and is left nourished. 



Contains orange and dill; both rich in vitamin C. Working together with  algae this mask is effective on mature skins & skins suffering from a lack of oxygen leading to skin starved of nutrition. Clients who smoke, have restrictive or poor diets will benefit from this mask. 

How it works: 
This mask has a lightening effect on the skin and is a powerful scavenger of free radicals. Stimulates and increases collagen synthesis; reducing fine lines/wrinkles. The spectacular cold effect of this mask provides excellent toning and muscular stimulation. 


This mask is the perfect answer for dry and dehydrated skins although it can be used on all skin types. 

How it works: 
Containing mineral substances and humectants to moisture the skin, this mask will restore water balance in the skin cells. Due to pressure the mask exercises when applied, it is the ideal mask to use to introduce active products that have been placed on the surface of the skin. 


Recommended for skin suffering from the effects of ageing. 

Premature ageing or mature skin will particularly benefit from this mask. 


How it works: 

Green tea contains molecules that will reduce ageing of the skin cells. 

This mask contains more antioxidants than vitamin C, so is excellent when fighting the free radicals which cause skin ageing. 

Vitamin A, B2 and E revitalise the skin and lavender promotes cell renewal, as well as relaxing the client during treatment. 



  For stressed skins, environmentally damaged skins and those suffering from sun damage, post-operative or post medication-tired skins. This mask will calm, de-stress and nourish skin cells. 

How it works 
The mask contains golden brown algae which are incredibly rich in nutrients. The high levels of chlorophyll and polysaccharides rehydrate the skin, while the mask reacts with the skins proteins to revitalise skin cells.